DJ Pooya

Entertainment Premium Persian DJ Services in Irvine, California

Over 10 years of professional experience and hundreds of events DJ for Southern California’s Persian community.

Providing top quality Persian DJ services to Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County –

from small and intimate gatherings such as birthdays, graduations and engagements all the way to larger events including weddings, concerts and club events.

DJ Pooya’s satisfaction guarantee policy is in place to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our service.

We are thrilled that we’re the only Persian DJ in California who offers 100% money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with our service for whatever reason.

Few other reasons why we think our services are unique

  • We offer unmatchable prices.
  • We are never late to an event.
  • We use the highest quality audio, sound and light equipment.
  • We always carry back-up equipment to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • We include every detail about our service in the contract.
  • We encourage our clients to have a pre-event meeting with us to discuss their specific requirements.

When Do You Arrive To Setup For My Event?

We always arrive on-site at least an hour and a half prior to the communicated start time of the event, and earlier as necessitated by the setup requirements of your event. Overtime charges for early setup are rare, and we would always discuss that with you in advance if necessary.

Can I Provide You a List of Songs I’d Like to Be Played?

Absolutely! This is going to be your event so it must be custom tailored with your style. We will ask about your favorite songs list and make sure to play it during the event!

How Much Room Will You Need? Do I Need to Provide a Table?

Our DJ system is versatile enough for any space, large or small. Your DJ will need a 6’ or 8’ banquet table and minimal room for the speakers and lights. Most event sites will provide a skirted table for the DJ at no charge. Alternatively We can provider a portable table (please communicate this with us prior to the event if your venue doesn’t have any space/tables that could be used for our DJ setup).

Do You Offer Lighting?

Yes, we can provide all types of lighting, including  dance floor and decor lighting.

Do You Mix the Music Yourself?

Yes!  Most DJs essentially do the same thing – spin records and entertain a crowd – but it’s how we do it that makes the difference. In addition to reading the crowd and appropriate song selection, the fundamental skill of a great DJ is being able to mix, blend and transition different songs and genres together.
DJ Pooya has the skill set and experience to seamlessly mix all different types of music together to create exciting live remixes and transitions that we will keep the energy on the dance floor, so the beat never drops.


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