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Business & Immigration Attorney in Southern California.

Areas of Specialty: Immigration Law ( EB5, Family, Business, Investment, Citizenship, Deportation, Removal & Litigation)Personal Injury, Family Law, Matters, Business, Litigation & Business, Law Employment & Labor Law, Criminal Law, Matters
โ€ŽGeneral Informationโ€Ž
Filing for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has begun.
Openness and effectiveness go hand in hand at Law Offices of Ali Farahmand.
Our motto is to treat our clients the way we like to be treated.
Thus, we provide timely and quality immigration, personal injury and business services at reasonable fees.
And we keep our clients informed at all times about the costs and concerns of their cases. Strategies, timelines and budgets are frankly discussed and real solutions are blueprinted and implemented. Iranian divorce lawyer in Orange County
We work with our clients; we prefer to become organic members of their teams. All documentation is sent to clients; all issues are openly discussed, and all strategies are implemented in a timely fashion.
Education is a long-term commitment and Law Offices of Ali Farahmand maintains our professional competence by actively participating in seminars and classes to further our legal education in the area of Immigration and Nationality Law, Personal Injury Law and Business Law. Iranian Immigration Lawyer in Irvine
We are active members of bar associations, such as the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association, and we keep ourselves updated by subscribing to all major immigration journals and periodicals.
Weโ€™re committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional responsibility and preserve the highest level of confidentiality with our clients.
All communication between clients and our firm remains strictly confidential.
Commitment, compassion and confidence: the traits of our law firm that translate into efficient legal services that deliver real, lasting solutions.
Specialities: Immigration Law, Business Law & Personal Injury Law.
Our Firm also is able to handle Criminal Law Matters, Employment Law Matters, Family Law Matters and Business Litigation.
We have various experienced attorneys who will handle your case personally and professionally



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