Geeti Shirazi Mahajan

Geeti Shirazi Mahajan Persian / Iranian Clinical Social Work/Therapist in Austin, Texas
I believe therapy is a sacred exploration of the self, and that the body helps to archive the journey of the self by responding to thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. My intention for our work together is to cultivate a nourishing, safe environment where we can explore these aspects of the self at a pace that is most comfortable for you. Using an integrative and holistic approach, I will help you identify and achieve goals, cultivate internal resources to help navigate challenging emotions, and gain insight and self-awareness. I specialize in working with highly sensitive people from diverse backgrounds.
My professional experience includes inpatient and intensive outpatient psychiatric treatment, as well as providing counseling in an academic setting. I have worked with a variety of populations and offer expertise in the following areas: anxiety, depression, cultural identity, domestic violence, relationship issues, crisis intervention, stress, and trauma.
In addition to receiving traditional psychotherapy training, I am a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). I utilize an integrative approach emphasizing mindfulness-based techniques, and provide instruction in meditation. I remain active with mental health and yoga therapy continuing education to stay informed of current trends and evidence based practices.


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