Khosro Eslami Law Office

Khosro Eslami Law Office: Dr Eslami Educational Background Over the last 20 years Dr Eslami has assisted immigrant applicants with their applications for immigration and government entitlement benefits representing claimants before the State and Federal administrative agencies.

Dr Eslami practices in all areas of immigration law and represents clients in criminal proceedings.

Dr Eslami received his Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and his PhD in Planning from the University of Southern California.

He taught courses in Environmental Design and International Development and Planning at the University of Southern California.

He has worked in planning and design of major commercial and residential developments thought out the state of California.

Law Education Dr Eslami has Juris doctor degree, graduated Cum Laude from University of West Los Angeles, School of Law where he was the associate editor of UWLA Law Review.

Awards Dr Eslami is the recipient of several academic Awards including Witkin Award for Academic Excellence in Civil Procedure and Evidence Law, and Excellence for the Future Award in Workers’ Compensation and Criminal Procedure.

He has also been awarded Dean III Scholarship Award an Allan Friedman Scholarship in Law of Evidence.

He has published Modeling Urbanization and Dependency, USC.

Professional Affiliations Attorney and Counselor of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth

  • Immigration and Citizenship
  • Nationality law
  • OFAC Compliance
  • Criminal Defense
  • Enterprise Foundation
  • Social Security
  • Disability Appeals
  • Personal injury



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