Kourosh Aminyan | Immigration Lawyer

Kourosh Aminyan | Immigration Lawyer

Rechtsanwalt Kourosh Aminyan

Lawyer in Cologne, Germany

I would like to introduce you to my office in Cologne on my homepage and give you an overview of my work.

Choosing the right lawyer is a matter of trust, so I present myself and my firm on the following pages.

My goal is the comprehensive consultation and representation of my clients in all legal issues – be it family law, traffic law or migration law.

Personal, individual legal advice

Unlike many law firms I would like to adhere to the job description of the lawyer as a personal adviser to the client. To be able to offer my clients comprehensive legal protection, I am active in general as well as special legal areas.

In addition to private individuals, my clientele also includes small and medium-sized companies from various industries. I offer early advice on all legal issues and work closely with specialist consultants.

The aim of my work is always to find a successful and satisfactory solution to the legal problems of my clientele. On my website you will find all the information about the law firm in Cologne as well as everything worth knowing and important information about my achievements and specialties.

Kourosh Aminyan | Persian/Iranian Immigration Lawyer in Cologne, Germany

My expert knowledge

As a traffic law expert with the title Specialist Lawyer for Traffic Law I have sound theoretical and practical knowledge in this field of law.

As a family law expert with the title Specialist Lawyer for Family Law, I advise and represent you in all matters of family law such as marriage contracts, divorce agreements, children’s matters, maintenance, etc.

As a specialist lawyer for migration law, I advise you on your questions regarding residence, asylum and naturalization.

The specialization title is proof of special theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the respective field of law.

According to the applicable FAO regulations, proof is required, among other things, through a successfully completed 120-hour specialist training course and through three passed performance examinations (usually with five-hour written examinations).

Proof of practical experience requires a certain number of processed cases from the respective field.

Furthermore, an annual training obligation of 15 hours per specialist attorney is required and is controlled by the responsible bar association. This ensures that the specialist lawyer keeps his specialist knowledge up-to-date.


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