Max Alavi | Attorney at Law

Max Alavi | Attorney at Law, APC

Max Alavi | Attorney at Law, APC, Estate Planning Attorney in Newport Beach, California

Probate, Estate Administration, Trust and Estate Litigation

I have been with the Top Attorneys of North America for several years. I love the quality of the product and the service!

Attorney Alavi attributes his success to the empathy he has for his clients as well as his tenacity and desire to succeed for them.

We are estates focused law firm with multiple Orange County and Los Angeles County offices for easy access of our clients.

We are focused on legal services related to Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration, and Trust and Probate Litigation.

Our team of attorneys and legal professionals have decades of experience bringing results to our clients and our excellent reputation demonstrates our commitment to always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Iranian lawyer in Los Angeles

Living Trusts & Estate Planning Attorneys As a premier living trust and estate planning law firm in Orange County and Los Angeles County, California, we are staffed with the most experienced and knowledgeable of Orange County living trusts attorneys, Los Angeles County living trust attorneys and Orange County Estate Planning Attorneys and Los Angeles County Estate Planning Attorneys.

To achieve the right results, Estate Planning requires a unique combination of Knowledge, Experience, Attention to Detail and Caring. At Max Alavi, Attorney at Law, APC we are prepared to provide our clients with complete representation in all areas of Trust and Estates in California.

Probate, Estate Administration and Litigation Our Top Tier Team of Probate, Estate Administration and Probate and Trust Litigation practitioners are committed to bringing about the ideal results in Probate, Trust Administration and Probate and Trust Litigation as quickly and affordably as possible.

We understand the heavy burden for our clients of bringing or defending a legal case related to Probate, Estate Administration and Probate and Trust Litigation and we offer various fee structures to allow us to work with a wide range of situations.



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