Mazeh | Les Saveurs Persanes, Paris


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Mazeh | Les Saveurs Persanes, Paris

Mazeh | Les Saveurs Persanes, Paris

Initially, intimate circuit that quickly attracts enthusiasts of gastronomy, faithful who follow with great interest Ali Tavassoli’s Persian cuisine who knows how to put his personal touch with a lot of dexterity. Over the years, Ali Tavassoli became the great supplier of Farah Diba (Empress of Iran) who recognized in him the gastronomic personality of the Iranian cuisine.

A rare cuisine that offers in the tradition a great variety of perfumes, perfumes from elsewhere! Saffron, pomegranate juice, dried Shiraz lime, green dates, herbs, morello cherries, white melons … dreams and imagination flirt with fantasy, the poetry of creation with gastronomy.

Show business personalities have also discovered this cuisine full of charm and lightness: Philippe Gildas, Antoine de Caunes, Fanny Cotençon, Michel Field, Michel Polac … The passage in Vivement Dimanche late 2004 in the program of Michel Drucker with Bernard Giraudeau, a connoisseur of Persian cuisine, and 3 weeks later Farah Diba introduced thousands of viewers to this little-known gastronomy.

Mazeh | Les Saveurs Persanes, Paris, Iranian restaurant Paris France

For Jean-Pierre Coffe it was a real revelation: “The Iranian cuisine has been one of the most spectacular discovery I have ever had since I started this job” ( and the meeting with Ali Tavassoli, a real osmosis. In his show on France Inter on Saturday “it does not joke, it gets mixed” Iranian rice was the main actor.

Enriching dialogue that has allowed many listeners to discover this Iranian rice, this cooking inimitable, these grains well detached, scented, light. A rice cooked in the Iranian tradition. Journalists were not mistaken: “rice: a nice surprise …

divinely scented such as the barberry. It’s delicious, with a totally disconcerting rustic grace. There is a sweet magic, surprising, so welcome. ” Grande assiette d’entrée MAZEH Pour découvrir nos salades et beignets, seul(e) ou à plusieurs