Meritrusts Immigration Consulting

Iranian Immigration Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Certainly, RCIC at Meritrusts Immigration Consulting, Passport & Visa Service, Mr. Jubin Ahdi funds Immigration consulting. Iranian Lawyer.
Iranian lawyer near me. So, he is a licensed Immigration Consultant (RCIC) by ICCRC as an Immigration Counsel; he is also a seasoned immigration counsellor with too many satisfied clients and,
Represent clients from diverse ethnic backgrounds to the authorities on immigration matters. 
Best Persian immigration lawyer! Supercharged with over 20 years of experience in various business industries. Persian immigration lawyer.
During, His team of professional service providers will help business immigrants find their right place among many opportunities here in Canada.
He has extensive experience in helping clients with accurate and expert immigration advice. Jubin is also an activist and advocate for immigrants and refugees in Canada.
Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world with a population equal to 35 million people (38th populated country).
Which means there is much in Canada to discover. Furthermore, Canada’s population is ageing fast,
Where it has been estimated, at the current rate, by 2050 the senior and retired community would be more than the working force.
Meritrusts Immigration Consulting.

Iranian Immigration Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

For the above reasons, Canada has been welcoming immigrants for the past 150 years.
Also, Canada has become one of the top destinations for immigrants from all around the world.
Thus, having proper immigration consulting is necessary to receive the latest news about current regulations and methods of immigration.
We provide a wide range of immigration services related to visiting, working, studying and/or living in Canada.
A Canadian immigration firm founded to provide custom-tailored immigration solutions for people who want to move to Canada.
Jubin Ahdi founded Meritrust Immigration Consulting in 2017 in order to help newcomers avoid the same issues I encountered in my journey.
I live and work in Toronto, Ontario. Has given me unique access to Canada’s most significant port of entry,
ICCRC headquarters and the biggest detention centers,
where I’m able to help people in need of immediate immigration counsel.



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