(Miki) Bakhtar

(Miki) Bakhtar, LPC

I, Hossein (Miki) Bakhtar have been practicing in the field of psychology/counseling for over 25 years.
I have treated individuals, couples, and families to help them reach a higher level of expectations from life leading to greater fulfillment.
Over the years, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the birth of hope, followed by the realization of dreams.
I have supervised over one hundred interns, residents, and even licensed clinicians over my career.
This has given me the opportunity to work with thousands of clients and also to help those receiving counseling from my supervisees. 
Given that I have worked in psychiatric hospitals, emergency services, teaching clinics, and that for the past seven years I have been the Clinical Supervisor of the
Adult Partial Hospitalization Program for Fairfax County, I have a very elaborate set of skills and experiences that have allowed me to be considered an expert by my colleges. 
Accordingly, it is very often that I am asked to consult my peers in their counseling approaches.
But all the expertise aside, I’m compassionate and kind. Ultimately, your well-being is my goal. I will work with you as a navigator in your life.
I will help you reflect and find your path to your goals. You will learn about yourself in a way that is new and that sets you up for a more fulfilling future.
How does Therapy work? Well, I’ll tell you how it works in our sessions. We talk. We talk a lot. Mostly you will talk and I will reflect on things that may be important.
We will partner together in recognizing patterns, desires, needs, and wants (to name a few).
We will highlight your strength and even discover strengths that may have failed your attention before. No worries.
We won’t go months and years doing this. I’m very solution-oriented. We will work at your pace but we will not exercise anthropology and dig up the past just for the sake of it.
We work towards specific goals to ensure your success.



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