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Nasrin Karimi | Iranian lawyer in Berlin Germany

Attorney Nasrin Karimi has her lawyer specialization in international family and inheritance law. Her consulting focus is on business immigration. Nasrin Karimi is a proven expert in German-Iranian legal relations and managing director of the German-Iranian Lawyers Association (DIJV). Since the founding of the firm in 2004, Nasrin Karimi advises German companies in the Iran business and looks after a large number of Iranian companies in the German business. Nasrin Karimi is the publisher of the Karimi-RATGEBER on German-Iranian family and inheritance law and the English-language online guide Business and Immigration Guideline – Germany.

General civil and contract law

  • Design and execution of contractual relationships and terms and conditions
  • Acquisition and sale of real estate
  • Residential and commercial tenancy law
  • Damage and liability law including insurance law
  • Debt collection and foreclosure

Family and inheritance rights

  • the design of marriage contracts
  • Conducting divorces
  • Regulation of the care and maintenance issues
  • Creating non-marital partnerships
  • International Child Rights
  • International Family Law
  • Design of wills and inheritance contracts <
  • Advice on the legal succession
  • Advice on building conflicts
  • International inheritance law

Commercial and corporate law

  • Business start
  • Design and amendment of articles of association
  • GbR / KG / OHG / GmbH & Co. KG / GmbH / Small public limited company
  • Preparation of shareholder meetings/representation in shareholders’ meetings
  • Acquisition and sale of company shares
  • shareholder disputes
  • Liability of GmbH directors in crisis situations of the company
  • bankruptcy law 
  • The right of establishment/establishment of company branches
  • Advice and support in case of bankruptcy/negotiations with insolvency administrators, creditors, and debtors
  • Outsourcing/outsourcing of operating parts
  • Company purchase / asset deal / share deal

Employment Law – Iranian lawyer in Berlin

  • Design of employment and service contracts
  • Termination of Contract: Termination / Settlement Agreement / Termination Agreement / Compensation /
  • Consideration of Social Consequences (Resting and Blocking Periods When Obtaining Unemployment Benefit)
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Freelance work / bogus self-employment
  • Arbeitsschutzrecht
  • Time work / temporary workers
  • Outsourcing/outsourcing of operating parts
  • Betriebsverfassungsrecht

International legal and commercial traffic

France – Nasrin Karimi

  • Acquisition and sale of real estate in France
  • German-French family and children’s rights
  • German-French inheritance and donation law
  • Assertion and enforcement of claims of German creditors in France
  • Debt collection in France
  • Recognition and enforcement of German judgments in France
  • Assertion and enforcement of claims of French creditors in Germany:
  • Debt collection in Germany
  • Recognition and enforcement of French judgments in Germany
  • A right of establishment/establishment of company branches in Germany and in France
  • Contract law / Design and adaptation of contracts to the legal systems of France or Germany

Iran – Nasrin Karimi

  • Advising German business people and companies that pursue economic interests in Iran
  • Advising Iranian business people and companies pursuing economic interests in Germany
  • Design of international purchase, service and trade contracts
  • Family and children’s rights with Iranian-legal references
  • Inheritance and gift law with Iranian-legal references
  • Naturalization in the German state association
  • Visa and stay in Germany
  • Immigration to Germany
  • Business immigration
  • Iranian lawyer in Berlin


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