Nirvan Restaurant | Stuttgart, Germany

Nirvan Restaurant | Stuttgart, Germany

Persian restaurant, Traditional Persian delicacies

It is a Persian restaurant that you can recommend to any guest without hesitation. It offers a neat ambience, which is as varied and varied as the well-known food selection from this kitchen. Set out on a journey for the senses and the soul. We want to introduce you to the world of Persian cuisine, a world full of culinary diversity, tastes and traditions. We are happy to live with you a piece of our home and bring the taste of the Orient to Stuttgart.

Nirvan Restaurant, Persian Restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany

belly dancers
Ready for new things
  • Of course we are also for parties / celebrations / birthdays … etc. there for her.
Good service
  • Nice employees who always pay attention to customer satisfaction.
live music
  • The music that is played live makes for a good atmosphere.