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Papion uniquely designed

Papion uniquely designed: About the designer -Saideh Shemirani San Diego Custom Jewelry Designer Papion Designs Saideh Shemirani of Papion Jewelry, is gifted at creating eye-catching and take notice fashion accessories. “An artist paints something, and they want it to be known as only their painting,” she says.

Saideh is an artist whose creations are proudly worn by women nationwide. Saideh’s talent for design has landed her multiple awards and even a display in the San Diego Off Track Art Gallery. Saideh Shemirani has lived in America for 46 years.

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our collection of ready-made purses, bracelets, necklaces and more. (Persian jewelry stores online)

Our special order for wedding accessories. Let Papion designs work with your wedding theme. Designer accessories customized to order for weddings, special events or costumes.

She first settled in Maryland in 1970 to study her passion interior design. Maryland was where she met her husband and they eventually moved to San Diego, California. Her daughter, one of three children was her inspiration where artistic creations for fashion took root and she began creating beautiful fashion accessories for her. Saideh was approached by numerous people asking where she purchased her daughters’ shoes and headbands.

Papion uniquely designed

Replying that she designed and handmade each piece brought her word of mouth orders for custom made items. Then companies such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcos started sending purchase orders for her one of a kind inspirational designs. For the past 10 years, Saideh has taken her accessory design to a whole new level. After much trial and error, Saideh’s fashion accessories have taken on a whole new style of jewelry, purses and custom fashion accessories which embodies her style.

Her line of custom handmade vintage jewelry and accessory business is called the Papion line. All of her custom-made pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade by the artist herself. Bright and colorful, rhinestone-embellished necklaces, bracelets, and handbags are sought after by many and are appearing in San Diego and throughout the country.

Her designs are easily noticed from across the room, with their bright shades and perfect color combinations, clearly the work of a tried and true designer. Bracelets, necklaces, purses, clutches and most recently chokers now are part of her line.

Saideh uses the finest feathers, pearls, lace, and rhinestones to embellish her fashions. The pieces are heavily decorated with twinkling and brilliant trimmings yet lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear. Her work is perfect to light up a favorite outfit for either casual day, evening wear or special custom designed for clients seeking something specially designed. Clients can also purchase ready-made pieces or have them fully customized to their liking. You will find Papion Designs being worn for special events and part of a bridal collection to children’s fashion accessories.

Papion uniquely designed

Papion Designs of San Diego original handmade fashion bags and purses. Below is a sampling of our latest pieces available for purchase. Free shipping in the U.S. If you are looking for something special, contact us to help you design fashion accessories to match your lifestyles, such as a wedding, special affairs and more. Free consultation to discuss your unique original fashion statement.