Parsley Consulting

Parsley Consulting

Engineering consultant in Escondido, California

Parsley Consulting specializes in the design of fire suppression and alarm systems in commercial and residential buildings, along with providing services under contract to various authorities having jurisdiction for review of fire suppression systems and fire alarms systems plans and submittals.
We have developed this website as an invaluable communication and information resource to those who work within the fire protection, fire suppression, and fire detection industries. Engineering consultant in Escondido
Membership is open to any and all fire sprinkler system designers and plans reviewers, fire alarm system designers and reviewers, fire department personnel, vendors providing products within the industry, fabricators, consultants, architects, construction professionals, installation professionals and the like.
Membership to this website and use of its resources is completely free.
Current Fee schedule revised July 2015, can be viewed here.
It is our hope that we can open new lines of communication between the various groups within the fire protection, fire suppression, and fire detection industries so that greater good is served – that of public safety from the ravages of fire. In an effort to facilitate these new lines of communication, this site offers discussion boards, private messaging, and electronic business cards for our members.
Additionally, a business directory that links to each member’s business card is in place, to facilitate making professional connections between members. Also, an interactive glossary is active on the site to help those new to the fire safety industries in learning and identifying terminology commonly used by more experienced professionals.
The site is fire populated with links to fire protection agencies, and members are welcomed and encouraged to add links to their own websites. It is our fervent hope that members owning websites will graciously leave a link back to our site so that other fire protection specialists can find this resource.
Those professionals who wish to establish themselves as leaders within our interconnected industries can request to be given author status and submit articles and technical reviews to the website, which we will approve and publish. Authors, of course, are encouraged to link to their own websites in their articles and technical review documents. This provides a benefit to both the author’s site and our own.
We are constantly working to find new and interesting ways to improve our service to fire protection, fire suppression, and fire detection communities. This site is just one way we strive to contribute to our industry.
Your feedback and suggestions are, therefore, invaluable. As a member of this website, you can literally help shape the direction we take in serving our professional peers. Please register today and participate with us. Persia Page Local Business Directory


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