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Pejman Maadani Law PC

Pejman Maadani Law PC:  attempt to put the highest percentage of final recovery in your pocket. Every injury, car accident and personal injury is different, so is every recovery. Generally, an attorney in Texas area will help you recover more for your case.

On average your recovery will increase at least three times when a lawyer working on your case according to published data, the citation is available if requested. In most cases, even after attorney fees are deducted the injured person would recover more for his personal injury case than without having a lawyer or attorney.

It is our goal to take a headache out of your auto accident recovery and do what it needs to be done to recover the highest amount of money for your case. Our goal is to protect and represent our clients. There is not a case that is too big or too small for this law office. best Persian Lawyer

We accept Medical Malpractice cases We ask you to provide a copy of your Medical Records and we evaluate your case at no charge to you.

If we determine we can help you with the case, we will retain medical experts to write reports for the medical malpractice case. In the US there are more than 90,000 unnecessary deaths per year in hospitals due to malpractice of nurses, doctors and staff.

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Electrocution Other general bodily harms and injuries Business Law Corporation (C & S) Professional Corporation Partnerships Non-profit organization (501 C(3))

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