Perspolis Exchange

Perspolis Exchange
Iranian/Persian Currency Exchange Service in Toronto, Canada on of the most leading competitive foreign currency exchange companies.ROSCO Trading International Ltd. is a leading Currency Exchange House in Toronto, Ontario. We offer convenient, secure business solutions that place you in control of your foreign exchange needs.
For the past 18 years, ROSCO Trading International Ltd.has been the preferred choice of clients with a wide range of comprehensive financial services. Why Choose ROSCO?
At ROSCO Trading International Ltd., you receive unbeatable rates, which are far better than the rates offered by other local financial institution. Also, There is no service charge in connection with your currency exchange transaction. Our long term business strategy is to offer our clients the most attractive rates, relative to the spot rates.
We provide a great level of services to our clients, to create and sustain long-term relationships that allow us to respond to their evolving needs. Technology ROSCO Trading International Ltd. is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for reliable, secure and accurate services. Data confidentiality is among our utmost priorities. We pro-actively seek cutting edge technologies to power our services. Our Values Customer satisfaction is our priority. ROSCO Trading International Ltd.
representatives are available to provide personalized financial advice and support for you in a warm and professional atmosphere. Our clients know that with ROSCO Trading International Ltd., they get peace of mind and are confident with their investments.
BUY AND SELL wide range of currencies
Services At ROSCO
Trading International Ltd. you receive the below services with the best exchange rate. Our rates are based on real-time pricing, whereas most financial institutions set their rates once a day.
This allows us to offer you better rates.
Foreign Currency Exchange
ROSCO Trading International Ltd. converts all major currencies at unbeatable rates. Please call us for the best exchange rate at 416-229-0000. To hold the rate and the currency of your choice you must first call and book the rate over the phone. For larger orders, a deposit may be required.
For your convenience
we sell foreign currency in a variety of forms:
We also accept various forms of payment:


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