Rocky Mountain Adult Care

Rocky Mountain Adult Day Care | Persian/Iranian Adult day care center in Denver, Colorado

Business Management Mr. Mohammed Kheirandish

Senior Centers,

Iranian Adult day care center in Denver

Adult day care centers may be covered by insurance, Medicare or private pay. As of 2015, all 50 states offer assistance for adult day care depending on program requirements and restrictions through their Medicaid programs. In the state of Washington, the COPES Program (Community Options Program Entry System Waiver) covers both adult day and adult care health care.

Adult day care services provide services to support seniors who desire to remain in their own private home as long as possible.

Adult day care service centers are a community-based facility to provide seniors with social activities, therapeutic activities, transportation, personal care and meals that need supervised daily care in a safe place outside the home.

While services may vary at different centers, in general, adult day care services are located within a local community and have specified daytime hours of operation. ELHAM & ALI


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