Roya Ebrahimi | Loan Officer

Roya Ebrahimi | Loan Officer

Roya Ebrahimi: Senior Loan Officer & Real Estate Broker, Loan Service‎, Choice Capital & Realty, Equal housing lender

Choice Capital & Realty, Commercial Loans available Nationwide, Equal housing lender .Persian/Iranian Mortgage broker in Los Angeles, California

Loan Agents, Financial Advisors,  Commercial Loans available Nationwide Equal housing lender, Real Estate Agent at Choice Capital & Realty

Approved Residential Lender in California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Oregon , Persian tax refund loans near me

Choice Capital & Realty,  Mortgage Brokers

Roya Ebrahimi | Loan Officer: Loan Service

Loan Options

– NO TAX RETURN LOANS (12-24 Months Bank Statement)

– Stated Income O/O 2nd Homes & Investors –

– Stated Income Fix-N-Flip Financing for Investors (higher rates)

Foreign Nationals with No Social Security Number

– Home Equity Lines of Credit to 90% Combined Loan-To-Value

– Non-Warrantable Condos

– Asset Depletion to Help Qualify

– Construction Loans

– No Seasoning for Cash Out Refinance – NOO Ok

– No Maximum Acreage

– We Love Super Jumbo – No Maximum Loan Size – Up to $100M

– 90%LTV to $875,500 – 80%LTV to $2,000,000 – 75%LTV to $5,000,000

– Seller Carry Backs in 2nd Position Allowed to 90%CLTV

– Cash Out Refinance with 1×30 on Mortgage Last 12 Months

– Rehab Loans using After Repair Value to Qualify

– Investor Flips Selling in Less Than 90 Days

– Non-Owner Occupied with No Maximum Properties

– Non-Owner Unlimited Cash Out Refinance

– Title in LLC, LLP, Corp, Irrevocable or Blind Trust

– Securities Based Funding – Using Securities, Stocks, Bonds, etc. as Collateral

– Equity Line of Credit for O/O + NOO

– Commercial Mortgage Division

– Stated Income for Apartments 5 Units+, Office, Mixed Use, + More

– Rental Income on Current O/O Property with No Landlord History

– Rental Income on Current O/O Property with No Minimum Equity

— Manufactured Homes Allowed

– Reverse Mortgages

We help people in choosing their dream homes or investment properties.

‏‎149 S Barrington Ave Ste 253‎‏ ‏‎Los Angeles, California‎‏


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