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Sadaf Foods brings the flavors of the Mediterranean to your kitchen table. We bring you the best ingredients imported from all over the world.



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    MX Golden

    Poor Quality! That’s why I buy Golchin Products as they offer great quality products and Golchin does not deny their Iranian roots or support the Apartheid State of Israel, unlike Sadaf!
    Amanda Soofer is Sadaf Foods legal attorney and part business owner who’s company is family owned (private) by the Persian Soofer family. While at an israeli festival she states in the video interview: “We’re Jewish, we are registered in israel and nationwide.” She also states: “We love to support israel, we are glad to see so many people out to support israel.”
    If Sadaf Foods company and Soofer family aren’t Zionists, then I’m not Iranian!
    During this interview,
    It’s a shame that Amanda went out of her way to avoid admitting that she and her family are Iranian (Persian) when asked. Amanda also avoided to say that Sadaf Foods are Persian or Iranian; she also would not admit that Sadaf products are targeted to Iranians and most of their customers are Iranian and that is why the name Sadaf is Persian/Farsi word. She avoided answering all the reporters questions when directly asked about her heritage or if their products are Iranian even though the word “Sadaf” is a Persian word! She couldn’t answer the reporter’s questions related to Iranians and would not answer how many of their products are Iranian and what percentage is targeted to Iranians. Sadaf is a Persian word, not an Israeli word and not a Hebrew word!It’s too bad Sadaf denies its Iranian heritage to support the Apartheid State of Israel. Sadaf is also registered as an Israeli Company. This is the thanks you give to the nation (Persia or present-day Iran) that saved Jews from persecution in ancient times and allowed Jews to preserve their heritage, religion and language as well as helping you restore your synagogues? There are also Bible records how Persia saved the Jews!
    Unlike the Soofer family owners of Sadaf, I’m glad I also know proud Iranian-Jews who are proud of being Iranian and would never accept Israel’s invite of instant Israeli Citizenship to live on occupied Palestinian land, while Christian and Muslim Palestinians are forced to live in the Ghetto of Gaza, under Israeli control, while Israel restricts food, water, medical resources, electricity and blocks humanitarian aid from other countries from entering Gaza. The Palestinians are not even allowed to travel legally! How can you be proud to be Israeli when Israel has only existed illegally for 73 years and deny your Iranian Roots? Disgusting that you can sleep at night when you have blood on your hands abs proud of associating with racist European Jews who commit ethnic cleansing of Palestinians for the late 73 years! This is not Judaism and that is why practicing Jews do not associate themselves with Apartheid State of Israel or its inhumane crimes!
    Shame on Sadaf for also stealing the Sadaf name from an Iranian Company in Iran in order to mislead Iranian customers globally! This is not the original Sadaf company that exists in Iran today. What you have in common with Israel is that Sadaf is a liar and Cheater!

    MX Golden

    this company is owned by a jewish Israeli family. nothing wrong with that but in case people think they are Arab or south Asian owned they are not. this family proudly supports Israel to in videos. many Israel owned companies use names purposely to appear arab or south asian so I just wanted to clarify that.

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