Sahar Khosravi | Business Lawyer

Sahar Khosravi | Business Lawyer 

Master of Law in Global Business Law (Looking for New Opportunities)

Amsterdam, North Holland Province, Netherlands

My objective is to obtain an entry level position at a business and/or law firm where I can prove my current skills and abilities to add value to the business, but also to learn and grow with the company over a long term period. My goal is to work towards a position within a company that I am able to progress into higher levels of responsibility. An overview of my personal qualities are: Organised and determined , Co-operative team member, Strong work ethics, Good eye for detail , Reliable, Quick learner, Highly motivated


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  • Miniature (Miniatori)
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  • Termeh Textile
  • Accessories

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Education La Trobe University Master’s degree Law in Global Business Law


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