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Content Management System shortly referred to as CMS, is a web hosting system that allows you to define and set
Permissions for multiple users at various levels to handle and manage the different sections of content on your website.
The content can fall under different kinds of classifications such as articles, blogs, events, press releases, and many more.
When a fine line is drawn, the Content Management System falls into two categories called the Traditional or Open Source
Content Management Systems and the Hosted CMS. If you have chosen to use Joomla, WordPress,
Drupal or another Content Management Systems (CMS) to create your website, you can count on our unique handmade hosting solution.
We will make sure that the CMS of your choice runs smoothly on our servers and that your website is safer, faster, and better supported than anywhere else!



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    Shaheen B

    SandiWeb has to be one of the most reliable SEO companies I have ever worked with for my clients. I am always looking to use the most effective and modern forms of marketing and SandiWeb has made that possible and I don’t have to worry about results. A result sheet and analysis update are reported to me every month for each of my websites and I can see the results for myself with easy to use Google tools. I used to be very skeptical about digital marketing because the SEO experts I used to talk to didn’t have a clear strategy and package. With SandiWeb I know exactly what I am getting and for what price I am getting it for. These guys are strategic, reliable and they are making my clients a lot of money and my clients are very happy.

    Samira Jahanshah

    They’ve helped us a lot with our online store web design and SEO. Communication and getting answers to quick questions has always been timely.


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