Sarrafi Worldwide Money Transfer

Sarrafi Worldwide Money Transfer

Sarrafi Worldwide Money Transfer | Persian/Iranian Money transfer service in Edgware, England

Established in London, United Kingdom, has been connecting people and businesses around the globe for more than 50 years with branches worldwide.
We provide fast, reliable and convenient ways to transfer money, with a simple aim; to provide an excellent service and extraordinary rates on all currencies. Our vast history and proficient Agents around the world all help to strengthen our commitment to offering an unrivaled service.
Making Our Customers’ Lives A Little Easier We like to believe at that we do more than just simply send money.
Every day we help connect families, friends, and businesses around the world. Our goal at is to make our customers’ lives a little easier.
We take pride in our British heritage and in the knowledge of our Agents worldwide who are constantly updated with the latest in the financial markets and relevant global news,ย and how it affects our customers.
Our promise to you is in our reputation of always striving to provide unbeatable rates and transfer speeds.
We constantly look to implement new strategies that will allow our service, our technology, and our Agents to better meet the needs of our customers.
Customer Care If you have any queries or complaints and would like to contact us please use one of the following options below.
A customer care representative will respond as soon as possible. Please also note the FAQs section of this page.
Frequently Asked Questions Q What is the minimum/maximum amount for sending money abroad?
There is a minimum value of ยฃ50 for transfers to any destination when sending from the UK. There is no maximum limit as long as the source of the fund is legitimate, has been verified and cleared by us and complies with the financial regulation laws.
Q What form of ID’s do you require? Do I have to provide these documents in person or is an e-mail form acceptable? The UK Law requires identification to transfer money abroad for any amount as of 26th June 2017. Identification can be in the form of a passport, driver’s license or debit/credit card.
We also require proof of address if sending amounts over ยฃ1000, this can be in the form of a bank/credit card statement, utility bill or a telephone bill ( excluding mobile) all dated within the last 3 months.
You do not need to visit us in person if it is not at your convenience but would need to get your identification documents verified by a Professional i.e doctor, solicitor, and then send the documents to us by post at the above address or e-mail them to us.


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