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Siamak Afshar | Iranian Transforming Life Center in Yorba Linda, CA

Siamak Afshar B.A., CADCII (Founder) Siamak Afshar the founder and C.E.O. of and Transforming Life Sober Living, Inc. has been clean and since 1/16/1983. As a recovering addict/alcoholic and a gambler himself, he knows first hand the real challenges the addict and/or his/her loved ones go through.

In our house and centre, you get effective support and guidance for you and your loved ones to create a new life for yourself. Siamak is a living proof that true recovery is a real possibility. Siamak is a well known and highly regarded chemical dependency counsellor and a certified interventionist in the State of California.

Siamak has been working in the field of addiction and dual diagnoses at various schools, county and private hospitals as well as out-patient or in-patient residential facilities since 1987 and in private practice since 1998.

Siamak Afshar is the founder and former president of IRC, a non-profit organization which offers services free of charge to addicts/alcoholics and their families in need.

He has been the program director of New Life Treatment Center in Irvine, which has changed to Transforming Life Sober Living, Inc.

which moved to Yorba Linda in 2004. Siamak has written weekly for an international magazine called Javanan, addressing the Fatal disease of addiction and its Recovering Process as well as the nature of the co-dependency and it’s a relationship with addiction. Siamak is a host of numerous radio and international weekly TV shows, addressing the disease of addiction and its recovering process

– interviewing recovering addicts/alcoholics, gamblers and at overeaters, including many professionals in the field of addiction since 1993. Siamak holds a B.A. in psychology from Union Institute University and a CADCII certification from the State of California.

He is an avid marathon runner and participated in 76 marathons so far since 1982, and plans to continue running the marathons for the rest of his life. Siamak is a true stand for full recovery from any addiction including nicotine. He believes recovering is a real possibility. Siamak Afshar Founder Transforming Life Sober Living, Inc.




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