Simona Shokrian, LCSW

Simona Shokrian, LCSW Iranian / Persian Psychotherapist in New York City, New York

A psychotherapist for Families, Couples, Individuals

My commitment to you is that you gain insight and empowerment toward achieving your personal, relationship, and professional goals.

Whether itโ€™s your first time seeking therapy, or you are returning, the experience can be a big step toward resolving your concerns. Throughout the course of our lives, we are presented with challenges. Psychotherapy can be helpful in both meeting those challenges and developing the understanding and skills to cope successfully in the future.

With the guidance and support of a trained professional, psychotherapy can offer effective tools to help address and ultimately resolve your concerns. As your therapist, my interest lies in listening to you and coming to a clear and accurate understanding of your concerns. Embarking on a collaborative journey together, I look forward to helping you identify and express your thoughts and feelings, clarify needs and goals, determine new and effective strategies, and support and encourage your decisions.


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