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Taberna Persiana

Persian Restaurant in Roma

Taberna Persiana, Persian Restaurant in Rome, Iran In 2008, the brothers Mohsenipour Reza and Hamid,

Meanwhile, Navid, from Tehran, moved to Italy to attend university masters in the music field,

After years of working experience as a musician in Iran.

? In 2012, they decided, together with Hamid’s girlfriend, Mona, to open a Persian restaurant.
Taberna Persian is near the gets station and the Pyramid of Cassius in Rome.
Mona, already known in the world of Tehran as an excellent cook and in her art,
He had also worked as a chef At another Persian restaurant in Rome for two years.

Taberna Persiana

Having a restaurant with this group of young Iranians represented an opportunity.

However, To introduce Italians to not only the cuisine.

But also the traditional Persian culture.

Taberna Persiana, Persian Restaurant in Roma

Taberna Persiana, Persian Restaurant in Roma

? The environment and the culinary tradition have a strong traditional and familiar feel.
The character has allowed the Iranians already living in Italy to find the
Persian Taberna in the Persian Tabernacle.
An important meeting point, a corner of Iran.


At the Taberna Perianal, cultural, musical, artistic, and traditional events,

Excellent Persian cuisine Always accompanied it, curated by Mona.

Taberna Persiana, Persian Restaurant in Roma

? The Taberna Persian team also coordinates the most important
Events of the Iranian year.
Community in Rome, such as the Note di Yalda and the Nowruz,
prepare catering and Support to plan private parties and events
as well as actively taking part as musicians.


? To sum up, Both in Italy and internationally with the Barbad Project musical group.

Iranian culture. So, If you want to experience all this together,

In one environment, visit us.

Promotion of culture and the ancient Persian tradition,

Promoting the ancient Persian tradition

The Persian restaurant, Service options: Dine-in · Takeout · Delivery