The Packaging Boxes | London

The Packaging Boxes | London

we offer a branding opportunity, which is so important in today’s competitive ‘stand out’ market. Brand identity has never been more valuable and here. we work with you to make our products part of your brand.

For a minimum volume of just 50 boxes (per box size), we can turn your one colour design or logo into your own personalised range. Using a process of hot foil printing we print one colour onto our gift boxes and the majority of our bags.

The Packaging Boxes are a UK based printing and packaging solution providing company that customises packaging boxes and other similar products for businesses. We cater to all types of industries that require printing and packaging solutions around the UK.

The Packaging Boxes; An all in one solution for custom printed boxes.

The Packaging Boxes offers easy on the budget custom printed boxes as per your demands and wishes. We are a custom packaging and printing solution provider that offers top notch services all over the UK. Our services are available for all businesses. Whether you are a cosmetics company, an apparel brand or even a delivery service provider, we can cater to you!

In the modern world, it is exceedingly important for a product to have good face value i.e. good packaging and appearance. High-quality packaging can successfully attract buyers and even turn onlookers and prospective clients into loyal customers. The customer of today’s age expects more than just the product itself.

The Packaging Boxes best product packaging supplies in London

– Marketing and branding through custom boxes:

If you are a new company, good marketing and branding should be one of the topmost priorities for you. While online advertisement, billboard displays and various other marketing techniques might cost a ton, why not save up and get the job done with packaging boxes? Custom boxes pave a rather easy and hassle-free way for advertising and branding.

– Instructions and usage:

Another key benefit that comes with customising boxes is that it enables brands to convey any information that they would like the consumer to be aware of. This may be in the form of instructions as to how to use the -product itself, a disclaimer, the ingredients or anything else for that matter.

– Better safety:

For a single company, it is fairly common to have a myriad of products. Each product can be different in shape, material and usage. Because of the difference in nature of products, some might require special packaging i.e. padding, inserts and such.

What does The Packaging Boxes bring to the table?

From start to finish, The Packaging Boxes takes care of all aspects of producing the perfect packaging box for your product.

– We offer free graphic design support where our in-house designers will come up with a digital mockup of your packaging box. The mockup will be customised as per your instructions. Should you need alterations made to the mockup, we can make them as well, without any charge!

– The Packaging Boxes also offers a significant number of free add-ons which include embossing, debossing for your brand name or logo, spot UV and silver and/or gold foiling to add an expensive and elegant look to your custom boxes. Additionally, we also offer free die-cutting and the lamination options include glossy and matte finishing.