TIRGAN | Mehrdad Ariannejad

TIRGAN | Mehrdad Ariannejad

Tirgan Festival is the biannual celebration of Iranian arts and culture happening in Toronto Ontario Canada

Tirgan is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-partisan cultural organization committed to promoting cross-cultural dialogue between the Iranian-Canadians and the larger Canadian community through the production of year-round artistic and cultural activities including cultural festivals.

Our signature event is the Tirgan Festival that refers to an ancient Persian/Iranian festival traditionally held in the month of July.

This festival inspires what is currently the worldโ€™s largest celebration of Iranian arts and culture, and takes place biennially at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto with over four days, 150,000 visitors from Canada and around the world, 200+ artists, and 100+ performances, talks, presentations, and workshops.

The Nowruz Festival is another major three-day festival that is held annually in March at the Toronto Centre for the Arts to celebrate the arrival of spring and the Persian/Iranian New Year. Persian Organization Ontario

Tirgan Nowruz Festival is built upon the support of over 300 young volunteers whom in a joint effort have been contributing to the diverse and cultural mosaic of Canadian society, by promoting cross-cultural dialogue and understanding between the Iranian community and the community at large.

This great success which has brought a fantastic reputation for our community could not be achieved without having the most wonderful and helpful volunteers. For the Tirgan Nowruz Festival, we would love to invite the interested volunteers to join our team and make this yearโ€™s festival as exquisite as possible.

Your contribution would make a significant difference to the team and you can participate in different areas according to your personal choice and interest. Get involved with Tirgan and make a difference!

Mehrdad Ariannejad has made preservation and revitalization of Iranian art and cultures his life mission.

Over the last 20 years, while working full-time as a Computer Engineer at IBM Canada, he has taken up the leadership role in numerous non-profit organizations and initiatives devoted to the promotion of Iranian culture and intellectual heritage within academia, the Iranian community, and the larger Canadian society.

Mehrdad is one of the authors of Charter 91, a document that seeks to unite Iranians around a potential charter of rights.



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