Persian Girls and Boys Names

Persian Girls and Boys Names

Persian Girls and Boys Names

100 Persian Girls and Boys Names With Meanings

A – Persian Girls and Boys Names 

آبانAbAn8th month of the Iranian calendar; Name of a certain angelآبیدAbidSpark, fireعبّاسabbAs (A)Frowning, looking austere; Lion; Name of Mohammad’s uncleابوعلیabou-aliAvicenna, Name of a famous Iranian scientist and philosopherآبتینAbtinA character in Shahnameh (Feraydoon’s father)آدرAdarFireعادلAdel (A)Righteousعدلانadlan-افرندafrandSplendor, gloryافرنگafrangSplendor, gloryافراسیابafrAsiAb/afrasiyAbA character in Shahnameh (The king of Turan)افشارafshArCompanion, partnerافشینafshinName of an Iranian Generalاحدahad (A)One; an individualاحمدahmad (A)Most praiseworthyاکبرakbar (A)GreatالبرزalborzName of a mountain range in Iranعلیali (A)High; also Mohammad’s son-in-lawعلی دادali-dAdGift of AliآلتونAltun = Altin (T)GoldenالوندalvandName of mountain in Iran (near Hamadan)عمیدamid (A)A great manامینamin (A)Honestامیرamir (A)King, Emirامجدamjad (A)Most excellent, gloriousانوشanoushEternalانوشیروانanoushiravAnName of a Persian kingاپرنگaprangA character in Shahnameh (SAm’s son)آراArAOrnament, decorationآرادArAdName of an angelآرامArAmQuietآرانArAn/AronA former Persian province in Caucasus, which is now part of the Republic of Azerbaijan.آرنگArangColorآرآسبArAsp = ArAsbName of one of Kourosh’s generalآرشArashA hero in Persian folklore (a celebrated archer); also a character in Shahnameh (Kay-ghobad’s son, and Kavus’ brother) ارشکarashkThe first king of the Ashkanian dynastyارشاماarshAmAName of the grandfather of King Darius Iارشمیدarashmid (G)ArchimedesارستوarastooArastotleارداardAName of a priest of the Magi (during Sassanid period)اردلانardalAnA Kurdish nameاردوانardavAnName of many Parthian kings; Name of Dariush I’s brotherاردشیرardeshirName of the founder of the Sassanian dynasty (Ardeshir BabakAn); Name of a couple of Achaemenid and Sassanid kings; also name of a couple of characters in Shahnamehاردونardoon/ardunName of a Persian kingعارفAref (A)Wise, intelligentارجاسپarjAspA character in Shahnameh (AfrasiyAb’s grandson; name of a Turanian champion); Possessor of valuable horsesارجانarjAnA kind of fir (tree); a kind of mountain almondارجمندarjomandBeloved, dear, nobleآرمانArmAnIdeal, hope, aspirationآرمینArmin/Armeen = armin/armeenA character in Shahnameh (Key-ghobad’s son)ارمیاarmiyAJeremiahآرمونArmoun/ArmunEarnest, pledgeارسلانarsalAnLion; Brave manارشدarshadHead of a group; The marcasite stoneارشامarshAmVery strong; Name of Dariush’s grandfatherارشنarshanStrong and brave man; A character in Shahnameh (Kavous’ brother)ارشانarshAnName of an Iranian prince (Ardeshir II’s son)ارشاسبarshAsbPossessor of stallions; An old Persian nameارشیاarshiAThroneارسیاarsiAThroneآرتابازArtAbAzName of Kurosh the Great’s commander of war chariotsآرتانArtAnName of Dariush’s father-in-lawآرتایartAyStrongآرتینArtinName of a Medes king; RighteousآرتمانArtemanName of Khashayar’s (Xerxes) brotherآرونArunAmiable, attractiveاروندarvandMajesty, grandeur; A character in Shahnameh (Lohrasb’s father)آروینArvinExperiment, trialآریاAryA/AriAAryanآریابدAryAbodChief of the Aryans; Guardian of the AryansآریامنAryAmanName of Khashayar’s (Achaemenid) naval commander آریانوAryAno / AriAnoNew AryanآریامنشAryAmaneshOf Aryan natureآریانAryAn/AriAnRelated, belonging to the AryAnsآریاناAryAnA/AriAnARelated, belonging to the AryAnsآریارمناAryAramnAName of the great-grandfather of King Darius IآریاآسبAryAsb = AryAspPossessor of AryAn horses; Name Kourosh the Great’s general and friendآریوبرزنAryo-barzanName of Darius III’s general who fought against Alexander’s invasion.ارژنarzhan/arjanA kind of mountain almondارژنگarzhang/arrange house of painter MAni; A character in Shahnameh (a Turanian champion, killed by Tus)ارزینarzin-اسدasad (A)LionآصفAsef (A)Name of the minister of Solomon; wiseاصغرasghar (A)SmallاشکانashkAnName of the 3rd dynasty of Persian kingsاسلانaslAn (T)LionعطاatATo give اتابک atAbak Grand vazir prime minister; the lord; father (in Turkish) آتشAtashFireآتشبانAtashbAn /AtashbonGuardian of fireآتشبندAtashband-آتیلاAtilAName of the Hun’s king which attacked the Roman empireاورنگAurang/OrangA throne; wisdom, understanding; beautyآوگانAvgAnA character in Shahnameh (Name of a warrior in Ferydoon’s army)آوندAvand-آیاز / ایازAyaz / Ayaz (T)Name of Sultan Mahmood’s famous royal servant; Night breezeآیدینAydin /Idin (T)Clear; enlightened; illuminated, brightآیتانAytAn/Aytun (T)SpeakerآزادAzAdFreeآذرانAzarAnName of a small Zoroastrian fire templeآذردادAzardAd-آذرنگAzarangBright, shining, flame-colored, redآذربُدAzarbodThe god of fireآذرتشAzartash = AzartushA salamanderعظیمazimBig, greatعزیزaziz (A)Precious, dear

B – Persian Girls and Boys Names With Meanings 

بابکBAbak/Bobak/BobacName of the father of Ardeshir (founder of the Sassanid dynasty); little father; faithfulبهادرBahAdor (T)Brave, honorableبهارBahArSpringبهمنBahmanName of the 11th month of the Iranian calendar; Name of a couple of characters in Shahnameh (One of Esfandiyar’s sons)بهمنیارBahmanyAr Name of a student of AvicennAبهامینBahAmin/BahAmeenSpringبهرامBahrAmName of a couple of Sassani kings; Name of a couple of characters in Shahnameh; also the planet MarsبختیارBakhtiArName of a tribe; name of a place in southern Iranبکتاش BaktAsh (T)The elder, grandee of a tribe; Precious, dear; Name of one of the kings of KharazmبلاشBalAshName of a Sassanid KingبامدادBAmdAdEarly morning; Name of Mazdak’s fatherبامینBAmeen/BAminBright, radiant; A town in HarAt (in today’s Afghanistan)بامشاد BamshAdFamous musician during the Sassanid DynastyبنانBanAn (A)Tips of the fingersبارانBArAnRainباربدBArbodFamous musician during the Sassanid DynastyبردیاBardiA/BardiyAName of Kourosh the Great’s son who was also Darius I’s father-in-lawبرید BaridCourier, messengerبرینBarinEminent; Supreme; Pleasant; the north-east wind; name of a fire templeبارینBArin (T)Strength, power برخیاBarkhiA (A)The father of AsefبارمانBArmAnA character in Shahnameh (Name of one of Afrasiyab’s generals)برمکBarmac/BarmakName of a noble and famous Iranian family from Khorasan who served as great vazir during Harun al-Rashid برسام BarsAmGreat fireباسیمBasim (A)SmilingبرزینBarzin = BorzinFire; Name of an ancient fire temple; Name of an ancient champion of IranبشیرBashir (A) A messenger of good newsباشوBAshuLizard Basir. Graphiciran (A)WiseباستامBastam/BastomCoralباستینBAstin/BostinPatientباوندBAvandIranian dynasty that ruled Tabaristan in what is now northern Iran (Mazandaran)باور BAvar-باوردBAvardName of a hero, and the city (was in the vicinity of Neishabur) founded by himبازان BAzAn-بازیارBAzyAr/BozyArA falconer; a farmerبازورBAzur/BAzoorA character in Shahnameh (The TurAnian sorcerer)بهبودBehboud (Z)Healthy بهداد BehdAdExcellent gift; Of good birthبهدین BehdinGood rite; Of good religionبهفرBehfarHaving good dignityبهجانBehjAn-بهکام BehkAmGood wishبهمردBehmardGood manبهنامBehnAmReputable (someone with honorable name)بهنیاBehniAHaving good ancestryبهنیودBehnood/Behnoud-بهپورBehpourGood sonبهراد BehrAdCharitable person, giver of goodness بهرنگBehrangGood color بهرخ BehrokhHandsome faceبهروزBehrouzFortunate, luckyبهزادBehzAdOf good birth; Of noble familyبلکاBelkA (T)KnowledgeableبیناBinASeeing, clear-sightedبیژنBizhan/BijanA character in Shahnameh (Giv’s son and Manijeh’s husband)برجسبBorjAsbPossessor of tall and lean horsesبرناBornAYoung, youthfulبرزینBorzinName of a couple of characters in Shahnameh (An Iranian warrior)برزوBorzoo/BorzuA character in Shahnameh (Sohrab’s son)بزرگمهرBozorgmehr = BuzarjomehrName of the prime minister of Anushiravan, King of PersiaبرزویهBorzouyeh/BorzuyehIranian physician of Sassanid period (he translated “Pancha Tantra” from Sanskrit into Persian and named it “Kelileh and Demneh” Name

C – Persian Girls and Boys Names 

کارنCAren/Karen = CAran/KAranWarrior, brave; A character in Shahnameh (Kaveh’s son)چکادChakAd/ChekAdTop, crown of the head; a shieldچنگیزChangiz/ChangeezChengiz Khan/ Gengiz KhanچاووشChAvosh (T)A sergeant; a herald; the leader of a caravanسیروسCyrus/Siroos/CirusKourosh, first king of Iran, founder of the the Achaemenids dynasty and the Persian empire.

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