Persian Nastaliq Font Free Download

Persian Nastaliq Font Free Download

Persian Nastaliq Font Free Download For Windows, Linux System 2022.

Persian Nastaliq Font Free Download Fonts Irani Afghani Nastaliq Download Majani 

Awami Nastaliq is a Nastaliq-style Arabic script font supporting a wide variety of languages of southwest Asia, including but not limited to Urdu. … 

Nastaliq has been called “the bride of calligraphy” but its complexity also makes it one of the most difficult scripts to render using a computer font.

Download and save the fonts to a suitable folder.  Then install them through Control Panel / Fonts. 

Persian Nastaliq Font Free Download


Nastaʼlīq (/ˌnæstəˈliːk, ˈnæstəliːk/; Persian: نستعلیق‎, IPA: [næsˈtæʔliːq]) is one of the main calligraphic hands used to write the

Arabic script in the Persian and Urdu languages, and traditionally the predominant style in Persian calligraphy.

It was developed in the land of Persia (modern-day Iran) in the 14th and 15th centuries.

It is sometimes used to write Arabic language text (where it is mainly used for titles and headings),

but its use has always been more popular in the Persian, Urdu, and Turkic spheres of influence.

Nastaliq remains very widely used in Iran, Afghanistan, and the Indian

Subcontinent, and other countries for written poetry and as a form of art.

Nastaliq is the core script of the post-Sassanid Persian writing tradition and is equally

important in the areas under its cultural influence. … and the Turkic Uyghur

language of the Chinese province of Xinjiang, rely on Nastaliq.

Nastaliq is a style of Islamic calligraphy formalized in the 14th century by the master calligrapher

Mir ‘Ali Tabrizi, though its exact origins are unclear. …

The general trajectory of the Nastaliq script slopes from top to bottom.

This is of particular significance as there is no fixed level or height for any character.



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