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Persian TV Receiver

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Farsi TV Receiver – Live IPTV | Zigma Plus

  • 12700 World IPTV+ 17000 Movies & 7000 Series 
  • Watch all of the Farsi TVs on your Farsi box from all of the Middle East and other tv channels
  • From around the world in high quality and Youtube Videos on your Farsi IPTV box
  • Experience the entire spectrum of Farsi IPTV channels programming as its happening
  • With up-to-date news, popular shows, sports, youtube, and more!
  • All Free-to-Air Farsi tv channels, Afghan, Turkish & Kurdish Channels Live And Youtube.
  • No Satellite Dish or Cable.
  • No Buffering, TV Channels, And Youtube Maintained and Updated.
  • Premium Broadcasting with Near HD Quality.
  • برای خرید تماس بگیرید ۶۱۹۴۶۷۷۲۹۹

Farsi TV Receiver Satellite | Stick IPTV

  • Access to 12000 TV Channels
  • 17000 Movies & 1700 Series
  • NO monthly subscription is required.
  • Works on any TV with HDMI input.
  • You don’t need a smart TV
  • Easy 5 minutes Installation. No dish required.
  • دسترسی رایگان به آرشیو۷۰۰۰  فیلم و ۷۰۰۰ سریال های ایرانی 
    • برای خرید تماس بگیرید ۶۱۹۶۰۶۳۲۶۱