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Aramco Double Tea Kettle | Steel

$42.00 $39.00

Aramco Tea Maker | Teamaker

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • 2 L top kettle/3 liter bottom kettle
  • Strainer included
  • Traditional double kettle
  • Included Components: Comes With Strainer

Aramco Double Tea Kettle | Steel

Aramco Double Tea Kettle | Steel

Aramco Tea Maker | Teamaker

Making tea is just half of the process in the Middle East, as it is very important to know how

you serve it as well. A double kettle is a necessity. This is the perfect kettle to make you a

tea makers expert. This double kettle is stainless steel and has a 1. 2 liter Capacity on the

top kettle and a 3 liter Capacity on the lower kettle. Now the 2nd part after having a great

double kettle is how to use it like a professional. Fill the bottom kettle with 2 L hot/boiling

water and bring to boil at the high heat on your stovetop.

At the same time put the tea leaves into the strainer (that comes with the pot) and

rinse them with cold water to remove the tea dust. Drain well. Transfer the washed

and drained tea Leaves into the upper kettle and stack the top kettle on top of the

lower kettle. Once the water in the bottom kettle is boiled, pour half into the top

kettle to brew the tea. Reduce the heat to medium and let the tea in the top kettle

get brewed over the steam coming from the bottle kettle. Pour out some tea brew

and then dilute it with water to reduce the heat to low to keep your tea warm as

you’ll be pouring a few servings. Once the tea drinking is over turn off the heat.

Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 8.3 × 10 × 8.3 in

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