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Pantone RM200+BPT01 Capsure with Bluetooth


A complete color matching solution. Capture color inspiration from any surface, material, or fabric – even small, patterned, multi-colored textures and textiles – and match it quickly and accurately to a PANTONE Color.

Now, with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, you can share your colors with devices and design apps instantly.

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Pantone RM200+BPT01 Capsure with Bluetooth

Pantone Capsure Color Matching X-Rite RM200-BPT01 Handheld Device With Bluetooth

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If you want to instantly share your colors with design applications and other devices then there is a version of this product with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology

(Part Number: RM200-BPT01), so just choose that version from the drop-down menu, if that’s the version that suits your workflows and applications better.

With the Bluetooth wireless technology version, you can link to smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices to wirelessly transmit color measurement data

Preloaded with more than 10,000 Pantone Colours:

  • Fashion + Home Colour System Library (paper and cotton)
  • Paint + Interiors Library (paper and cotton) for architecture and interiors
  • Plus Series Formula Guide (coated and uncoated)
  • CMYK (coated and uncoated)
  • Goe™ System (coated and uncoated) for graphic design, printing, and publishing (includes sRGB, Adobe RGB, HTML, Lab and XYZ values for multimedia design)

Includes Palette Application Software allows you to easily integrate captured colors into your design programs and update your stored color libraries


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in

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