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Persian Electric Glass Samovar Tea Maker

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Let this beautifully designed modern Samovar compliment your kitchen while it still does what a traditional Samovar would do – make perfect tea! Impress your guests with unique design and practical use. The perfect gift for any occasion.

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Persian Electric Glass Samovar Tea Maker

Persian Electric Glass Samovar Tea Maker

Temperature Control Switch: Choose from 5 preset temperatures to get the best, most flavorful teas, coffees or simply boil cooking water (75°C for Green Tea, 85°C for White Tea,

90°C for Espresso/Oolong Tea, 95°C for French Press, 100°C for Black Tea, Instant Cocoa, Oatmeal – Set it at the right temperature for the right product!

Unique Metal Faucet, classic handle & a modern body design – Elegant teapot included

Elegant glass teapot with S/S infuser to brew a perfect tea (Removable and washable)

Dual LED lights to indicate whether it is at “Boil” or “Keep Warm” function – The RED LED indicates when it is “Boiling”; the BLUE LED indicates when it is on “Keep Warm” mode

Concealed S/S heating element – Automatic boil dry & overheat protection – Capacity: 3.2L – 110-120V 1000-1100W 50/60Hz

It is imperative to only use filtered water with this samovar to ensure no mineral build-up occurs. Some filtered water does not remove all hard water components, so you may see a

“white” build-up from your water. Please follow the cleaning instruction in this manual to keep your Samovar looking like new!

Weight 8.9 lbs
Dimensions 11.8 × 11.8 × 18.6 in

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