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Persian High-Quality Setar



  • Name Mafakheri Setar.
  • Weight about 350 gr
  • Bowl length: 25cm
  • Bowl width: 15cm
  • Neck size:60 cm
  • Persian High-Quality Setar
  • Citar, Sehtar, Sitar with Soft Cove

Persian High-Quality Setar

  • It comes with: an extra string of Setar, a metal pick, Kharak, fret, Metro tuner, a CD for learning to play Setar and twist string
  • The Setar (Persian: سه‌تار‎, pronounced [seˈt̪ʰɒːɾ]), also spelled and romanized as Setaar or Setâr, is an Iranian musical instrument. It is a member of the lute family. It is played with the index finger of the right hand. The range of the setar spans more than two and a half octaves. At some point in the 18th Century, musicians added a fourth string, which most of the time is tuned to the same pitch as the bass string. The setar has 25–28 moveable frets. Frets are usually made of animal intestines (“gut”), although in the past strings were made of silk. Some modern commercial models feature frets made of nylon. The setar originated in Persia before the spread of Islam,[1], and is related to the Tanbur. However, in recent centuries, the setar has evolved into something more closely resembling the Taar, both in tuning and playing style. Persian High-Quality Setar
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in

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