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Stainless Steel BBQ Skewer Wooden Handle, 7 Pcs

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Best of Barbecue Stainless Steel Grilling Kabob Skewers, Set of 7 with Bag

23 Inch, 1 Inch Wide Stainless Steel Grilling BBQ Skewers with Wood Handle for Making Koubideh Persian Brazilian Kabob, Set of 7 with

Comparing with the similar products in the market, we use PU leather storage bag to package the kebab skewers




 Stainless Steel BBQ Skewer Wooden Handle, 7 Pcs

Stainless Steel Bbq Skewer Wooden Handle, 7 Pcs

Length – 23 1/2 inch, length (blade) – 18 1/2 inch, width (blade) – 7/8 inch

Thick and flat design- Suitable for barbecue large pieces of food such as rib, fish, tomatoes, pimento, stops the meat from rotating on the skewer

Easy to clean up, just wash with gentle detergent and keep in a dry place, Perfect for koobideh kabobs ( Kebab ), also great for shish

kofta, Turkish, shashlik, seekh kabob, bbq chicken seekh kabab

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The skewer blade is made of 430 high carbon stainless steel has high hardness and good thermal conductivity. Therefore, the meat

will be cooked from the inside through a heated skewer to obtain crisp external and tender internal. After polishing, the surface is smooth,

so the kabob can be slid onto the plate, and even the skewer cleaning becomes very convenient.


The handle is made of North American oak instead of the cheap Southeast Asian rubberwood. North American oak is dense, durable,

crack-resistant, and has a beautiful texture that is commonly used to make solid wood furniture and wine barrels. Protected by

the wooden handle, the risk of skin burns during the barbecue can be reduced. After polishing, the smooth wooden handle is more comfortable to hold.


The storage bag is sewn with artificial leather. The interior of the package adopts the puncture-proof design to ensure the safe

storage of stainless steel skewers. The extra handle on the bag makes it easier to hang it. This bag is very convenient to carry

and can be carried around when you have an outdoor BBQ. Premium rustproof stainless steel with solid Oak Wooden Handle for cooler handling

Weight 3.35 lbs
Dimensions 23.5 × 0.9 × 0.2 in

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