Charshanbe Khoon Bepa Mishavad

Charshanbe Khoon Bepa Mishavad

Film Jadid Irani 2021

Charshanbe Khoon Bepa Mishavad, Aras with the help of his sister and some friends

takes hostages in an exchange shop demanding for the release of his friend who is in

prison and is about to be executed. Director: Hamaseh Parsa Writer: Hamaseh Parsa
Stars:  Faramarz Gharibian   Hamed Behdad  Homayoun Ershadi

Golnar (Paniz Parsa), the younger sister of Aras (Epic of Parsa), encounters in a

journalistic case that counterfeit currency is smuggled on a girl and their center

of activity and money laundering is an exchange office owned by Mr. Younesi

(Homayoun Ershadi). Golnar is killed by Younesi’s men, while Aras promised to

take care of his sister when his mother died. Persian Movies

Charshanbe Khoon Bepa Mishavad

On the other hand, one of Younesi’s

people is a girl named Parvaneh Mazaheri who is killed and the plot is planned in

such a way that Ali Akbar (Mohammad Reza Fard), who is a friend of Aras and is

thinking of exposing Younesi’s works, is considered a murderer and eliminated.

On Wednesday, Aras, with the help of two of his friends, Abi (Ehsan Bazli) and Michael

(Mehran Golmohammadi), as well as Ali Akbar’s fiancée, Leila (Sara Manjezi),

attacked an exchange office with a gun in order to obtain information about

Younesi’s misdeeds. Charshanbe Khoon Bepa Mishavad

They kill and ask the police to release their prison friend Ali Akbar.

Meanwhile, there are disagreements between Colonel (Faramarz Gharibian),

a police officer, and Seyyed Morteza (Hamed Behdad), an intelligence officer,

who believe that the hostages should be treated gently, but Seyyed Morteza says

that all of them should be killed. Colonel knows the root of this issue in the common

past that Seyyed Morteza has with Aras and Ali Akbar …

Charshanbe Khoon Bepa Mishavad

Faramarz Gharibian (Persian) (born 18 November 1941 in Tehran, Iran) is an

Iranian actor and director. He learned film acting in the School of Visual Arts, US (1971).

He started his career with a short role in Come Stranger (1968, Masoud Kimiai).

His professional debut was in Soil (1973, Masoud Kimiai). In most of his films,

he plays the role of a resolute man who, in order to achieve his goals or preserve his ideals,

must face conflict and danger.


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