Film Ben Sai | Bonsai Full Movie

Film Ben Sai, Bonsai Full Movie

Director of Ben Sai: Ruhollah Zarif, Genre: Espionage, Police, Year of Production: 1398, Release Date: 1399

Duration: 94 minutes, Type: telefilm, Audience: Family, Quality: Crystal Film Ben Sai, Bonsai Full Movie

Size: Different, Producer: Seyed Mehdi Tabatabai Actors in the movie Ben Sai: Amir Mohammad Zand, Maryam Khodarahmi, Morteza Kazemi, Mahvash Vaghari,
Synopsis: In recent years, Sahar loses her father in a terrorist operation. She went abroad to continue her education.
He meets a young man named Mehran. He returned to Iran because of his family background and the project he was working on at university
He worked in one of the most important military centers. He is unaware of Mehran’s connection with the opposition and counter-revolutionary forces. Mehran tries
Using Sahar and his family to gain access to confidential information, which is not possible with the intelligence of the counterintelligence forces and information protection.

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