Film Bi Hesi Mozei | Numbness Full Movie

Film Bi Hesi Mozei | Numbness

Numbness Full Movie

Local Anesthesia is a film directed and written by Hossein Mahkam and produced by Habib Rezaei.
Jalal, who lives with his sister Marie, finds out that Marie, without her knowledge, meets a rich man named Shahrokh.
He is married. In protest, Jalal gathers his belongings and leaves the house to go to his friend’s house
On the way, Jalal meets a strange taxi driver named Nasser and they get together. Marie on the other hand
Who is worried about Jalal, decides to go to Bahman’s house with Shahrokh …

Actors Actors Habib Rezaei Jalal Baran Kosari Mari Parsa Piroozfar Shahrokh Hassan Majouni Nasser Soheil Mostajabian Bahman Mehdi Sabbaghi ​​Kababi

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