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Film Chaghi Full Movie

Film Chaghi Director: Rama Ghavidel, Obesity Movie

Producer: Alireza Jalali, Hamid Akhoondi Writer: Rama Ghavidel

Amir, who is a famous cinema voice actor, has an old friendship with Ramin, who is a famous director. Ramin intends to marry one of his office staff
In the meantime, after a simple confrontation and misunderstandings between Amir and Shadi, an interest is gradually formed between them and
This is while Amir has a wife and children. Amir finds himself involved in an emotional adventure that must now be between love and
Conscience Choose One… Year of Play: 2014 Actors: Ali Mosafa, Laden Mostofi, Mahsa Keramati, Hamid Farkhonejad

Initial release: 2014
Director: Rama Ghavidel
Music composed by: Amir Tavassoli
Cinematography: Morteza Poursamadi
Editor: Rama Ghavidel

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