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The script of the film Motarb is about an Iranian family who somehow enters the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

The script of “Motarb” was written before “Istanbul Crossroads” and
It was supposed to take place in London, but after completing the text, the story was decided in a country where
Culturally close to Iran, continue. Motarb is an Iranian film written, produced and
Directed by Mostafa Kiai, it is a product of 1397. Motarab film genre, like most of Mustafa Kiai’s previous works,
It is comedy and social. Also in this film, several actors from Turkey are present and the filming of this film in
It ended in March 2016 in Istanbul. This film broke the record of Hazarpa (film) and was the best-selling film of 1398
And it became the history of cinema. Sales records: Motarb comedy film in total sales (the first two days of release, with 93 thousand
228 viewers, sales of one billion and 573 million tomans) from six and a half meter films and Texas 2, which is part of
They were the best-selling films of the year and also topped the best-selling films of the year. Year of broadcast:
1398 Actors Parviz Parastavi Mohsen Kiai Elnaz Shakerdoust Mehran Ahmadi Ayesha ‌ Gol Joshkan Mohammad Sam Yousefi Hossein Omidi Amin Moghadam
Director: Mostafa Kiai Producer: Mostafa Kiai Writer: Mostafa Kiai


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