Film Irani Ring Sport

Film Irani Ring Sport Full Movie

It is a 2011 film directed by Javad Mazdabadi

Film Irani Ring Sport Full Movie produced by Saeed Montazer Al-Mahdi.

“Ring Sport” is a comedy film and a group of TV comedians are present in this film.
This telefilm will be broadcast on one of the TV channels during Nowruz 91 Fereydoun (Free)
is an unemployed young man who used to work in a car showroom and was fired for various reasons. He loves to pick up a pickup truck with a sport rim,
Fereydoun is a tenant in Belqis’s house, and Belqis helps to get a loan The mosque takes the place to prepare a van and,
together with his friend who is a carpenter (sheep seller), moves the sacrificial sheep. Belqis, who has lost her son Hamid, is looking for him,
and Fereydoun accidentally sees her in one of the houses where the sheep was sacrificed. The news of seeing Hamid, now called Babak, tells Belqis,
Belqis goes to see Hamid impatiently, when you see him…

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