Zanane Venusi Mardane Merikhi

Film Irani Zanane Venusi Mardane Merikhi Full Movie

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Venus Women Martian Men is a comedy film directed by Kazem Rast, speech and produced by Mohammad Reza Mofidi, made in 2010.
The director of this film claims that if everyone sees this film, divorce in society will be reduced by 30%
Also, according to the producer, the film is made for people over 15 years old and it is recommended that people under 15 years old watch it with their families.
The wife of a young engineer named Saeed forces him to borrow a large sum of money and send him to France and the Alps for skiing and recreation. In the Alps when skiing
The woman falls into a glacier and dies. Saeed after coming out of the astonishment caused by the death of his wife with
Another girl marries, but immediately after the marriage, the frozen body of her ex-husband is found in the Alps, and she is accidentally revived and returns to Iran.
Actor Amin Hayaee Saeed Bahareh Rahnama Simin Sheila Khodadad Marjan Amirhossein Rostami Mehran Gholamhossein Lotfi Marjan Akram Mohammadi
Simin Elika Abdolrazaghi’s mother Romina Elahe Hessari Simin Sahar Zakaria Roxana’s sister Sharareh

Rakham Jinus Ramesh Safaei Maxima Yousef Sayadi Sepand Amir Soleimani caretaker Tour guide


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