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Rabbit Cinema It can be boldly claimed that the early films were never on the stock market like these days,
and the serious and general cinema audience watched their works.
In the same situation, we should expect every movie. Movies that are supposed to have something to say
Followers of Farhadism style, enthusiasts of best-selling and box office comedians,
and more recently the embryo of the show of poverty and social misery,
which was completely predicted after Saeed Roustaei “Forever and a Day”
Each is a cornerstone of the early film phenomenon.
In addition to these, there are works that are pristine and fresh,
and take the viewer with them and the story of their characters with a new look.
Let’s not forget that Saeed Roustaei and Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian,
who are now well-known figures in cinema, were both from the same late group of early films.
“The Rabbit” is the first horticultural production to be one of the first films to shock you. The gardener who previously wrote the successful comedy “Amber Whale”,
Made by Saman Moghaddam in his repertoire,
with “Rabbit” appears completely beyond expectations and,
outside the range we expected from him
So let’s tell the whole story of the “Rabbit” so that if you have not yet watched this work,
it is your duty to know whether the “Rabbit” can be attractive to you or not.
If you are looking for a light and fun comedy like “Amber Whale”, if the storytelling of a movie is important to you
And if you basically have a problem with modern filmmaking
that also has post-modern works,
do not choose “Rabbit” at all.
Mani Baghbani’s first feature film is by no means a storyteller and not even a comedy.
“Rabbit” is a black humor that will not mean anything to you if you do not understand it.
Everything you see in the movie is the same sentence that is included in the movie teasers;
Three friends die on a certain day and rejoice. All films by Babak (Siamak Ansari),
Arash (Babak Hamidian) and Behnoud
(Javad Ezzati) are taking happy pills on a certain day and until the end of the film,
seemingly meaningless conversations and
They make fun of each other and laugh at their own actions

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