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 Film Naf, Film Navel, Full Movie

Film Naf directed by Mohammad Shirvani and starring

Mana Rabiee, Khosrow Hassanzadeh, Reza Hassanzadeh was made in 2004 Film Naf | Film Navel, Full Movie

When God created man from mud, to place it dry, he put his finger on his belly, and from that day on, the place of God’s finger remained on Adam’s belly.

Doubt: All the characters in the film are hesitant to make the crucial decisions that affect their lives, and this hesitation leads to their despair.

Of course, the source of Chista’s skepticism is different, as Chista is experiencing cultural change between the two societies of the United States and Iran, and it is still a definite conclusion.

Not reached for final selection.

Captivity: Given their skepticism and bewilderment, it seems that they are trapped in their daily lives and have no window of hope.

It is not obvious to change this situation. Reza’s bitter cry in the bathroom and after remembering his past bitterness (in the form of mourning sound and hair) well in the deadlock

Determines his position. Chista, but there is an exception. Chista has innocence in metropolitan life like Tehran, which is sometimes childish and even naive.

it seems . Chista is an Iranian goddess in our ancient history and culture. What does it mean to have good and instructive ways and a guide to good ways?

For this reason, she is also known as the goddess of knowledge.

Provides a flip to other people and even makes them think about themselves

Film Naf | Film Navel, Full Movie
Chista, willingly or unwillingly, with a commitment to love
Affects those around her. She is still trying to find the man she loves and does not believe that she is left alone in this barren city in a scene where white mud
Reza and Khosrow are exchanged.
Give him the same man he has been unaware of for some time – Symbols and Symbols: The film’s great weakness
The type of use of scenes and the structure that the filmmaker adopts to express the symbols.

Film Naf | Film Navel, Full Movie Symbolic texture only and only time in the story film
It is successful and effective that it has the effect of a coherent story structure and can define a story correctly and completely, regardless of its symbols and symbols.
This does not happen in the umbilical cord film, and this has caused major damage to the film as a whole. Conclusion: Weakness in the narrative structure of the umbilical cord film
It prevents the layers of symbolism and symbolism from having a coherent structure, and for this reason my film is halfway between fiction and experimental film.

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