Film Payane Rah | End of the road

Film Payane Rah

End of the road

Film Payane Rah, End of the road Mitra informs her sister Homa and her brothers Sohrab,

Babak and Rouzbeh about their father’s disease. They react to this news differently.

Each of the brothers makes a pretext . Rouzbeh who is waiting for his

baby to be born, remains in Tehran and the other two brothers join Homa for the trip. During their journey,

each one reviews his/her own problems and when they arrive, their father has died. When all the family

members gather to respect their father, they put the conflicts aside and begin a new life.

Persian Movies. Fatemeh Goudarzi, Maryam Kavyani, Behzad Khodaveisi.


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