Film Yeki Mikhad Bahat Harf Bezane

Film Yeki Mikhad Bahat Harf Bezane

Someone Wanna Talk To You

Film Yeki Mikhad Bahat Harf Bezane

A film directed by Manouchehr Hadi, written by Manouchehr Hadi and Saeed Dolatkhani and
Produced by Fereshteh Mehdipour Made in 1390 Iran The story of this film is a woman named Leila has a week to do something vital
Satisfaction with her ex-husband Synopsis: Leila, whose teenage daughter, Jasmine, suffers brain death in a fatal accident
He decides to donate his organs to patients in need, but this also requires the consent of Mustafa, his ex-wife.
Leila is looking for Mustafa…

Note: The story is so sloppy in its expression that from one place to the next,
You will lose everything. From the beginning, we are with a mother and daughter who live alone.
The girl, Yasman, insists on connecting her mother with a dentist named Alireza.

By no means Film Yeki Mikhad Bahat Harf Bezane
You can not understand why this girl has to insist so much to give her mother a husband and a little further, suddenly as if after twenty years,
Just remembering that he had a father, he starts arguing with Leila: Why did my father divorce you?

And asks irrelevant questions such as:
If you did not love my father, why did you marry him? The answer that Leila gives in response to Yasman’s ambiguities is as if we are supposed to do our homework with our hearts.
Specify the story; He, who is under suspicion and seems to be found guilty by the girl, states that the reason for his separation from Yasman’s father,
It was a betrayal committed by a man

Hearing this, we think the screenwriters want to show the viewer with Film Yeki Mikhad Bahat Harf Bezane
Engage a moral question, and that is: Was Leila or her ex-husband, Mustafa, really to blame for the disintegration of Yasman’s life? accident
Yasman’s horror, her brain death and Leila trying to find Mustafa, make her look more seriously
This is the answer, because we see Mustafa’s family, especially his mother, abusive
They are with Leila and they consider her the cause of Mustafa’s misery.

Later, during Leila’s confrontation with Mustafa in prison, a man talks about Leila’s cold and hateful past and behavior.
Wow blames these troubles, the rosary thread remains in our hands and that question is before our eyes
Who: After all, who is to blame? Leila or Mustafa? So far, though, the story seems very disturbing: the mother is too relaxed to face
The imminent death of a girl. Interestingly, he is more upset by the curses and slanders of his wife’s mother than by the death of his daughter! Bad payment
The mother character, along with the not so powerful play of Anna Nemati, makes us unable to believe Leila’s reactions.


Film Yeki Mikhad Bahat Harf Bezane؟
Film Yeki Mikhad Bahat Harf Bezane Yasaman has been living with her mother Leila since birth.

Leila has never let her see her father. When Yasaman

gets brain death in an accident, Leila has one week time to get consent from her ex-husband for a vital issue.

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