Two Women Full Movie | Film Do zan

Two Women Full Movie | Film Do Zan

directed and written by Tahmineh Milani, is a product of 1998

Actors Actors Roles Niki Karimi
Fereshteh Mohammad Reza Forootan Hassan Atila Pesyani Ahmad Merila Zarei Roya Hassan Joharchi Roya husband,
Matin Reza Khandan Fereshteh father Amir Anourian Fereshteh cousin Zahra Shahbazi Fereshteh mother Samara Gallery Fatemeh Nazila Jamshidi, sister of Ahmad Giti Moeini,
mother of Ahmad Habibollah Samineh, professor of Mostafa Karimi, father of Ahmad When Fereshteh calls Roya and asks for help from her husband Ahmed, who is hospitalized, Roya, an architect, rushes from her office, a construction engineering company,
to the hospital, and on the way, Fifteen years ago, he reviewed the days of his friendship with Fereshteh during his college days …
Fereshteh Roya, close friends and classmates They are in the school of architecture,
although Fereshteh always helps to dream in lessons due to his rich intelligence.
The student demonstrations in the spring of 1980, as well as the harassment of a young man named Hassan,
who considers himself an angel reminiscent, are falling apart. Fereshteh returns to his hometown of Isfahan and soon after,
the universities are closed for an indefinite period of time and,
Fereshteh is no longer able to continue his education.
Fifteen years have passed since that date, and now the angel is facing a dream,
and the angel, in a meeting with his old friend, reviews the adventures of his life in the past fifteen years.
The days when Hassan had an accident and died as a child following him and following him in Isfahan, and was sentenced to thirteen years in prison …
the days when A man named Ahmed, who proposed to her,
got married in the hope that his wife would keep her word and not hinder her education,
but this did not happen and in addition to a hard and difficult life. He brought boredom to him …
to the days when due to Ahmad’s distrust and pessimism,
there was a difference between the two and his scope increased day by day, and When Hassan was released from prison and pursued him again,
the tragedy took on a deeper dimension …
Hassan, whose interest and desire has not diminished a bit. Following the angel, he inevitably confronts Ahmad. In the quarrel between the two,
Hassan’s knife blows hit Ahmad’s heart, and now Ahmad, Her husband is hospitalized in a heart hospital while fighting death and life while she and her two children are watching over her condition …
a dream that is deeply affected The bitter and sad fate of the angel,
he can not imagine in his mind his future and the vortex in which his friend wanders, at the same time from the hospital It is reported that Ahmed has died.
Now it is the angel who is facing a new life and now he alone has to decide for his future, The angel feels like a bird that wants to fly. Although it does not have flying wi

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