Fatemeh Goudarzi (فاطمه گودرزی) - Biography

Fatemeh Goudarzi Biography

Fatemeh Goudarzi Biography is an actor and director, known for Roubahi keh beh donbal-e seda raft (2013), Night of Hoora (2007), and The Triumphant Warrior (1999).

Fatemeh Goudarzi Biography

She Born in Tehran in 1974, Fatemeh Goudarzi is a graduate of the Painting in Art & Architecture Faculty in Tehran. She has started her activities in KANOON in 1996 and worked as an assistant director in some animated films such as « Maryam », « The Longest Journey of the World » and « Rain of Happiness. The Farmer & The Cow is her first work as a director. Famous Iranian Actress

Fatemeh Goodarzi, an Iranian actress, known for her work in cinema and television, has achieved recognition in the Iranian film industry. Moreover, she won a Crystal Simorgh award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the film “Ghazal.” Additionally, she received two other nominations, one for Best Actress in a Leading Role (in 1998) and another for Best Supporting Actress (in 1991) at the Fajr Film Festival.

Life and Career:

Born on July 10, 1963, in Borujerd, Iran, Goodarzi holds a diploma in economics. Furthermore, she is married to the film director Abdolreza Kahani, and their son, Pouyan Kahani, is also an actor. She initiated her acting career by attending a two-year theater program at the Acting Department.

Her television debut took place in the TV series “Ayneh” (The Mirror), and she made her inaugural appearance in cinema with the film “For Everything” in 1990. Moreover, her career continued to flourish from that point onwards.Nevertheless, Goodarzi, akin to many other prominent Iranian artists, declined an invitation to serve as a judge at the Fajr Film Festival in 2000.

Presence at the Curitiba Stadium: Remarkably, Fatemeh Goodarzi, along with other artists who had traveled to Brazil, attended Iran’s inaugural match at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Curitiba. Notably, Consequently, Iran’s opponent in that match was Nigeria..

Awards and Honors:

  • Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in the film “Ghazal” at the 14th Fajr Film Festival.

Fatemeh Goudarzi Biography; Filmography:

  • 1990: “For Everything” directed by Rajab Mohammadnia
  • 1990: “Immigrants” directed by Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh
  • 1991: “Private Home” directed by Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh
  • 1991: “The Legend of the Cheetah” directed by Mohammad Ali Sajjadi
  • 1993: “War of the Oil Tankers” directed by Mohammad Bozorgnia
  • 1993: “I Want to Stay Alive” directed by Iraj Ghaderi
  • 1993: “Hidden Paradise” directed by Kamran Ghadakchian
  • 1993: “The Great Desire” directed by Khosrow Shakibai
  • 1994: “Ghazal” directed by Majid Rais-Ma’asoumi
  • 1995: “Heart’s Rival” directed by Reza Ganji
  • 1996: “A Painting for Love” directed by Hossein Ali Liazalstani
  • 1997: “Victorious Warrior” directed by Majid Rais-Ma’asoumi
  • 1998: “The Telephone” directed by Shafie Aghamohammadian
  • 1999: “My Beloved’s Wife” directed by Afshin Sherkat
  • 1999: “Footballers” directed by Ali Akbar Saghafi
  • 2001: “Water” directed by Rajab Mohammadnia
  • 2004: “Pink Marriage” directed by Manouchehr Mosayeri
  • 2004: “Iranian-Style Marriage” directed by Hassan Fathi
  • 2006: “Nima Yooshij” directed by Nader Kajoori
  • 2006: “Empty Hands” directed by Abolqasem Talebi
  • 2006: “End of the Road” directed by Afsaneh Monadi
  • 2007: “Night of the Houri” directed by Shahab Molk-Khah
  • 2013: “Ganjeshkak-e Ashimashi” directed by Vahid Nikkhah-Azad
  • 2013: “What Men Don’t Know About Women” directed by Ghorban Mohammadpour
  • 2015: “Shadow” directed by Masoud Navabi
  • 2016: “Cousins” directed by Roohangiz Shams
  • 2017: “Dash Akol” directed by Mohammad Arab
  • 2021: “Elda” directed by Rama Ghavidel
  • 2021: “Shame” directed by Ahmad Kavari
  • 2022: “Hooran” directed by Reza Kamali

Television Films:

  • “Mahe Manir” (2008) directed by Shohreh Lorestani
  • “We Don’t Have a House” (2009) directed by Shahed Ahmadloo

Fatemeh Goudarzi Biography Television Series:

  • “Ayneh” (The Mirror) (1987) directed by Fereydoun Farhudi
  • “Memories of Grandma’s Locks” (1988) directed by Bahman Zarrinpoor
  • “Rana” (1990-1988) directed by Davood Mirbagheri
  • “Apartment” (1993) directed by Asghar Hashemi
  • “Tomorrow Is Late” (1998-1996) directed by Hossein Fathi
  • “Parental Problems” (2001) directed by Masoud Navabi
  • “The Secret of the Phoenix” (2004) directed by Nader Moghaddas
  • “Shaykh Baha’i” (2008) directed by Shahram Asadi
  • “Mother’s Song” (2008) directed by Hossein Soheili-Zadeh
  • “After Years” (2009) directed by Akbar Khajooee
  • “Distances” (2010) directed by Hossein Soheili-Zadeh
  • “Today and Tomorrow” (2010) directed by Hossein Ghanat
  • “Because of Mona” (2012) directed by Morteza Koushaie
  • “Wet Wings” (2012) directed by Abbas Ranjbar
  • “House on the Hill” (2013-2012) directed by Dariush Yari
  • “Chalous Road” (2014) directed by Ahmad Moazami
  • “We’re Not Angels” (2014) directed by Flora Sam
  • “Remote Places” (2016-2014) directed by Javad Ershadi
  • “Nurses” (2016) directed by Alireza Afkhami
  • “Nafas” (2017) directed by Jalil Saman
  • “Moment of the Wolf and the Jackal” (2018) directed by Homayoun Asaadian
  • “Ilda” (2020) directed by Rama Ghavidel
  • “Shame” (2020) directed by Ahmad Kavari
  • “Hooran” (2021) directed by Reza Kamali

Home Theater Series:

  • “Forbidden” (2018) in which she played the role of Giti, directed by Amir Pourkian
  • “Mafia Nights” (2022) in which she played the role of a player, directed by Saeed Abotaleb

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